So far, Erin has had one novel published: Liza’s Avenger.

Liza’s Avenger is the story of Hikari, a young girl who once lived an idyllic life in the far-reaches of the Maysea Continent, but when her sister Liza is killed by the mysterious Kellua race everything changes. She is plunged into a perilous journey filled with epic battles, life or death situations and new friends that share her determination to stop the Kelluas. However, will destroying her enemies really bring her peace? Hikari must decide what is best: revenge or reconciliation.

Published by Flagship Fiction, it is a Christian novel for children and younger teenagers.

First released 2015.

Available in paperback and Kindle format here (for US readers, click here)

Short Stories

Are you there, Hanako? (2017) – Part of Creatures and Curiosities, an anthology by Belfast Writers’ Group.

Temporal Shift (2015) – Part of Tense Situations, an anthology of Northern Irish talent.