‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind …’ But what if your mind works differently?

With All Your Mind: Autism and the Church is Erin’s debut non-fiction book. Autistic people see the world differently. Sadly, many autistic Christians do not feel fully included in their local church. It doesn’t have to be this way – with understanding and support, autistic people can play a vital role in Christian communities.

In this short, insightful and personal book, Erin Burnett draws upon interviews with autistic Christians and her own experience of being on the spectrum to explain what autism is, how autistic people approach spirituality and what aspects of Christianity autistic people often find difficult.

Using a blend of Biblical teaching, scientific research and personal stories, With All Your Mind offers guidance on welcoming autistic people into the body of Christ and suggests ways that churches can be more accommodating.

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