Author Interview #2: Ellie Rose McKee

My second author interview is with Ellie Rose McKee, a fellow Northern Irish author and the person who designed this website!


Ellie Rose McKee is author of four books. Lover of travel, art, and chocolate cake, she loves making mess and YouTube videos.

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1) How long have you been writing for, and why did you start?

I think the earliest things I wrote were some poems and short stories for primary school, so I guess I started because I was required to and I continued because I loved it.

2) Out of all your published works, what is your favourite and why?

My favorite thing is the novel I’m currently working on but, of my published works, I guess I’d have to pick Four Season Summer & Season’s End (which is a novelette in two parts). If I was to do it again I’d probably expand on it, as I think it’s a story with a lot of potential.

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3) Which author is your biggest inspiration?

I love Malorie Blackman. Not only has she written a lot of books, but they’re quality, too.

4) You also provide services for authors, what does that entail?

Most authors don’t tend to make much money and have to supplement their income in other ways. For me, that’s helping out my fellow authors with whatever they need – proofreading, website/blog help, social media advice – at a reasonable price.

5) What are your plans for the future? Are any more books in the pipeline?

Like I mentioned above, I’m working on a novel. It’s contemporary young adult, and I’m planning to submit it to agents soon.

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